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3 Things I'm Doing Before New Years


I've been thinking a lot about 2015, as I'm sure many of you are. In the past, my excitement or resentment around the New Year has always changed from year to year. Some years I'm a humbug about New Years, and some years I'm super pumped. This year I'm SUPER PUMPED!! 

I'm listing my goals for 2015 in a separate blog post, but before you read that, here are 3 things I'm planning to do before 2015 comes rolling around next week:

#1. Tidy my living space

I was recently reminded that cleanliness is next to godliness. And there's probably nothing that clears my mind more than a clean and tidy living space. Clean rooms and houses make you feel like you are reborn. Like you have another chance to start new, start fresh. It inspires creativity, motivation and ambition. So for the next 4 days I will be tidying my house as much as possible during my free time. 

#2. Take some time to mediate (& formulate my mantras)

I noticed a week or two ago that my negative self-talk was starting to become a way of thinking, a mindset, and a lifestyle. It was filled with fear, excuses, self-pity, put-downs and complaining. I realized I need to change FAST before my thoughts take the form of reality.

I decided for 2015 I'm going to build a list of positive and empowering mantras that I will repeat throughout the day, every day. The words you train yourself to think will become your truth. These mantras will help me cultivate self-confidence, self-esteem and general positivity in my life. Every day I will have a new mantra to focus on. I believe these mantras will change my life, because they will help shape my thoughts and the energy I attract. I will share my mantras with you daily on my Facebook and Instagram feeds. 

#3. Master the Routine

Now that I have a baby it has opened my eyes to the meaning of the all powerful concept of ROUTINE. I never realized how routine-less I was before, until now. Now I realize how much my routine will determine whether or not I accomplish all of my goals in a day or not. Re-thinking, analyzing and scheduling a daily routine, is something I am doing before New Year's. My goal will be to stick to that routine as much as possible every day in the new year, and adjust according to any major changes of course.

Question of the Day - Are you pumped about the New Year, or are you feeling unenthusiastic about it?


>However a new season means another chance to recommit, and for me summer time is the perfect reason for renewal. I don't know about you, but I seem to have the SAME resolutions every year. Most of my resolutions are habits I want to incorporate into my system, which is just another good reason why I should be working on these things every day, all year, every year, all the time. Once I make them habits, then I won't have to consider myself "working on them" anymore.  Here is this year's list I wrote at the beginning of this year. 

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