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My 2015 New Year Resolution

 My Family At Midnight On New Years... We Were Sleepy!

Happy New Year!!!

I've been realizing the past couple of days that I only really have ONE sure New Year's Resolution this year, and that's to lose 35lbs and get rid of my baby weight. This is all I am focused on right now and I'm pretty happy with that ONE goal for now. Adding anything else to my list just feels overwhelming and burdensome. I'm leaving my method for reaching this goal completely open, in other words I am allowing myself to do any type of exercise I feel like, e.g. running, workout DVDs, weight lifting, circuit training etc..

I'm only asking myself to lose 1lb per week since this is the safe route for breastfeeding. And it's also a very attainable goal, since it doesn't put too much pressure on me to impose drastic measures on my already busy and crazy life. All in all I'm pretty happy with this goal and I'm excited to work towards it. 

What are your New Year's Resolutions?


8 Weeks Til' New Year's


6 Months Until New Years! 


Exactly 184 days, 26 weeks, or 6 months until NEW YEARS!!! 

What do you want to look like 6 months from now when the confetti is pouring down on you? Just think of that warm holiday fuzzy feeling, the food and the socializing that will be happening for you this year... do you want to feel FAT during all that? Or do you want to feel confident, strong, and fit, knowing you're finally where you want to be with your body? Do you want to start the new year with a heavy burden on your shoulders knowing you still have to lose weight, or do you want to feel featherlight and ready to conquer some new life goals?! 

I know the holidays seem far away but trust me they are closer than you think, and so are your weight loss goals!!! You can do SOOO MUCH in 6 months!!!


I hope when you got up this morning and cracked out your first breakfast of the day that you started it out right with a healthy one, because today is the first day of your New Year's transformation!! And if you've already had a bad start today, don't worry just pick it up now!! Start NOW NOW NOW!! We've got 6 months of time, don't let anything stop you!! 


Starting today for the next 6 months I challenge you to put all your best effort and give ALL IT TAKES to change your life and make this coming new years the best one ever!!! Along the way, don't let "seeing results" get you down or mess you up in the head. Don't worry so much about how many pounds you're losing each day, or each week, throw out your scale and stick your head in the ground like an ostridge and get to work!!!! Then 6 months from now open your eyes again and see how far you've come!

So gather up your support system, tell your friends and family, let them hold you accountable and stand out! Who cares about 4th of July BBQ? Who cares about Labor Day outings? Who cares about this year's Halloween candies and cakes, or Thanksgiving pies? Let other people heckle you and let them feel bad that they're not in this with you! Keep your focus on New Years, keep tunnel vision on your goals and power through the rest of the year sticking to your goals with all you've got left in you!! Show yourself what you're really made of for the next 6 months!! TURN BEAST MODE ON!!!

Are you in? 2013


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Goals for 2012


I'm 23 years old. The older I get the more I realize how foolish & naïve I can be at life. At the same time every mistake, every challenge, every day I realize that it all works together to make me wiser, to make me better.

I see the New Year as a time to reevaluate the way I've been doing things, and to change any bad mannerisms I've settled into. On any other day of the year perhaps doing this would seem like a drag, or I might procrastinate it. But around New Year's everyone's perspective shifts, and somehow making changes seems exciting. And so we should take that bit of excitement while we have it and channel it to action.  


I'm going to share with you TWO lists that I have. The first are my New Year's Resolutions. It's a short list as it should be. I don't believe in making new year's resolution lists that are 10-20 items long. That's just ridiculous and leads to failure. There are a million things we want to change about ourselves but another million things that happen that we can't control. If you want to live on this earth, you're going to have to be flexible and make the best decisions for the situations you find yourself in every day. Strict & non-realistic resolutions only frustrate and lead you to counterproductivity. So don't expect to revamp your whole life in one day.


So then I have my second list to share with you. The second is a list of things I've already had in plan & action for quite a long time, and they are items I expect to have completed by this year. They aren't resolutions, they're just things I've already got in motion for my future. Does that make sense? I hope so. 

New Year's Resolutions:

  • Every day floss 
  • Every day wake up earlier than Andrew (my husband)
  • Every day read scriptures & pray
  • Every day blog
  • --------------------
  • Do visiting teaching every month (it's a Mormon thing where we fellowship each other ;-)
  • Spend less, save more

Plan 2012

  • Complete NASM personal training certification
  • Run Salt Lake City Half-Marathon in April (my first race ever!)
  • Become a Nike Training Club instructor

And that's about as far as I've thought it out, hehe. Did you notice that I don't have any fitness goals on the resolution/everyday list? That's because I don't feel like I need to set a resolution for that, because I've already resolved & habitualized it. It's automatic, it's assumed, it's my lifestyle. I may or may not add more to my lists, but that's it for right now.

Don't forget to let me know what your New Year's Resolutions are here for a chance to win some great fitness gear! 


>However a new season means another chance to recommit, and for me summer time is the perfect reason for renewal. I don't know about you, but I seem to have the SAME resolutions every year. Most of my resolutions are habits I want to incorporate into my system, which is just another good reason why I should be working on these things every day, all year, every year, all the time. Once I make them habits, then I won't have to consider myself "working on them" anymore.  Here is this year's list I wrote at the beginning of this year. 

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