Hi, I'm Jenaé Frick and this is my blog. I'm a certified yoga instructor, and a certified NASM personal trainer. I'm also a new mommy! Welcome to my life! Click here to read more about me.









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My Life Goals

Something about being pregnant left me with a feeling of losing some part of my identity and stepping into the unknown of a place in life I've never experienced before. Having felt like I didn't know who I was now going to become in this new role of mother and new version of me, in my 8th month of my pregnancy I decided to make this list of amazing things that I've accomplished in my life that have brought me pride, joy, have shaped my sense of identity and if nothing else, have been a fun experience that I've loved. 

At the end of this list I have a section of life goals I still want to accomplish. This list has reminded me of who I have been and of what experiences have shaped me. It gave me a sense of purpose.  I will always be adding to this list as I come up with more things I want to accomplish, or adding to the list of things I remember from the past that I have already accomplished.  It's like a bucket list except I don't like the name bucket list because that reminds you that you are going to die! The point of this list is to remember how great life is instead! 

You should make your own list too! If you happen to choose to share it online, leave me a link in the comments!

Amazing Things I’ve Done

- Attended General Conference Live
- Seen the Mormon Tabernacle choir sing live (many times)
- Attended multiple temple dedications (Oquirrh, Columbus, can’t remember the others right now, maybe Draper & another Utah temple..)
- Won a full-tuition scholarship to the Ohio State University
- Became a skilled artist (to see my work click here and here)
- Have been a few feet away from Mark Zuckerberg and took video of it
- Took a photo of Ashton Kutcher in person
- Met Kevin Rose (internet celebrity) in person and took a picture with him
- Won a free ticket (normally $3,000) to a tech conference in San Francisco
- won a play station 2 in high school as a freshman
- won a $400 juicer in a social media contest
- Was invited by NikeWomen to an all expenses paid 2-day trip to Nike Headquarters for a photoshoot, and video shoot. I also got to do a private workout with Marie Purvis my favorite internet famous athletic trainer.
- Got my French Visa
- I lived and worked (and got paid) in France / Europe, had my very own French apartment
- Went tracking with the sister missionaries
- Had an Australian boyfriend when I was 16
- Lived and worked in Utah for 5 years on my own
- became a certified personal trainer and certified yoga instructor
- I started my own business at the age of 19 and made a few thousand dollars 
- Got married and sealed to my husband for time and all eternity in the San Diego temple
- received my patriarchal blessing
- graduated seminary
- Was called and taught as an early morning seminary teacher
- Ran a 5k
- Touched and studied a cadaver
- Owned rabbits, chickens, roosters, goldfish, chow chows
- made it through a corn maze successfully
- Visited Niagara Falls
- taught myself how to play the violin
- taught myself how to play the guitar
- was vegetarian for 1 month
- gotten a professional massage
- have had acrylic nails
- I’ve dyed my hair
- dropped out of college
- visited mexico city, acapulco, puerto escondido and Oaxacan ruins
- visited New York City and the Statue of Liberty
- visited Washington DC and associated sights (White House, etc)
- visited Paris and the Eiffel Tower, Arc du Triomph, the Louvre and the Champes Elise
- seen the hollywood mountain
- visited carthage jail where Joseph Smith was murdered
- visited nauvoo illinois
- Visited the Sacred Grove
- Visited Hill Cumora  
- Seen the Mona Lisa in person and up close!
- I have shown steer and hogs at the fair and won a showmanship award
- met the Star Trek stars Data and Geordi La Forge in person twice
- married a returned missionary
- have witnessed and assisted in two live births other than my own (it was my mom giving birth to my siblings)
- driven across country by myself from Ohio to Utah 
- been to Disneyland
- then to sea world
- have been to San Francisco
- have been to Park city
- skied at Sundance in Utah
- won 4 or 5 games at salt con in a row!! (With my mind superpowers!)
- Went on a date with Michael B Birkeland from the Single’s Ward Movie
- Owned a real coach purse (grandpa billy bought me!)
- Got a real full-time job working from home

List of Amazing Things I Want To Do:

- Do these five things daily for 365 days straight: 1.) arise early 2.) wash face & brush teeth 2x daily 3.) Floss once a day 4.) Workout daily 5.) Read and pray daily
- Give birth 100% naturally
- Have abs after having a baby
- Run a mile in 7 minutes
- Run a Half Marathon
- Run a Marathon
- Read the Bible from start to finish
- Read the standard works from start to finish
- start a business that makes $1,000,000 
- be a successful business woman
- Be student loan debt free
- Be credit card debt free
- give away a book of mormon that results in a baptism
- run 1,300 miles with a jogging stroller (length of the mormon trail from nauvoo to SLC) 
- create my own art style and make a painting series like Natasha Wescoat! 
- Visit the Serengeti Africa
- Ski in the Alps or Park city
- Never get divorced
- Make tamales on my own
- Visit France again
- Have at least 3 children
- Visit Prague and do a workout there
- Visit Australia
- design and plant my own garden
- buy a house
- live in france again
- ride on a sprinting horse
- Attend the Olympics live in person