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Fitspo Feature: @Micheskiiii 

HAPPY MONDAY!! I'm wayyy to excited to present to you this interview with one of my absolute favorite fitness role models on Instagram - Miche Nicholson (@Micheskiiii on Instagram)!!

This woman is INCREDIBLE. With 3 kids, work, school, and a spouse-- if she can do it, YOU CAN DO IT!! She's had twins and what's amazing is that after her pregnancies and many "stomachs" later, she has come out a winner and a completely HOT mama!! Check out this interview! 



1. When did you get started on your fitness journey and what inspired / moved you to get fit?
I got started pretty much in Jan 2011. Thats when I found out I was expecting twins. I just knew I didn't want another pregnancy like my first one, which was just a singleton. With my first I gained almost 75lbs, I ate everything in sight, and didn't work out. I was so unhealthy and it took me 4yrs to lose all the weight I gained with him. And once I lost all of it, thats when I found out I was going to be having twins, so I knew I didnt want to be that unhealthy and unhappy again this pregnancy. So I pretty much hit the gym 2-3 days a week until I was 7 months pregnant with the twins, I watched what I ate and didn't give into every craving. In the end I only gained 50lbs! And then after I had them I just knew I wanted to keep going with my fitness journey, I didn't want to stop. So I started training for my first half marathon 4 months after having the twins. I trained for 3 months, and ran the toughest half marathon in the Northwest just 8 months after my twins were born! And from then on I just fell in love with running. 

2. The picture of your "many stomachs" is absolutely incredible. Did you have any cosmetic help with surgery, or body wraps, etc? Or was it all from diet and exercise alone? (what would you tell other women who want help with their post-baby bellies?)
I get asked that a lot lol But no, no surgery whatsoever here. I transformed my stomach just by clean eating, lifting weights and running. If I could give other women advice on help with their post baby bellies, I would tell them its all about the way we eat. Its all about what we put into our bodies. You can workout all you want, but unless you are eating healthy you will not see the changes you want to see. Yes, at first its hard to change your eating habits, but once you start seeing the changes in your body and the way you feel it gets so much easier and its so worth it! Also, not to give up. A lot of people are so quick to throw in the towel bc they expect results overnight, but really it takes time. Thats why I love taking progress pics every month so I can compare the changes. We look at ourselves every day, so we don't see the little changes. Thats why progress pics are so helpful!
3. WHEN and HOW do you make time to exercise with 3 kids? (i.e. babysitter, daycare, wake up before the kids)
Oh man, geez sometimes I wonder that myself hahahaha Luckily I have my mom near by so she takes them for me once a wk so I can run, and then my husband and I just work around each others schedules. I make sure to give him time for him to go to the gym, he makes sure to give me time to go to the gym or run. We kind of plan it out in advance as corny as that sounds, but when you have 3 kids, work, school, and a spouse thats kind of your only option: Plan, plan, plan. And sometimes I will even wake up way before work, or before my husband and kids wake up and I will get a workout in. 
4. What is your occupation? What is your ultimate career goal?
I currently work for a hospital here in Boise. But I am going to school to be a Mortician. My lifelong dream since I was a child has been to be a Mortician and to own my own funeral home. 2yrs left and I will be that much closer!!!!
5. What kind of diet do you follow? Does it include cheat meals and what are they like?
I wouldn't say I "diet". I just clean eat about 80-90% of the time. I stay away from frozen foods, boxed foods, fast foods. I drink only water, a gallon a day! I get my fruits and veggies every day, I eat only chicken and turkey on occasion. And I am sure to drink my protien shakes each day (100% Whey Protien Optimum Nutrition Isolate) Yes, I do have cheat meals. Thats typically on the weekend. But I make sure not to go overboard with it. Typically if I cheat then I will get ice cream, or we will go out to breakfast/lunch/or dinner somewhere over the weekend. 
6. What does your current workout routine look like?
Well, I run 15 miles or more a wk outdoors. On top of that I hit the gym 2-3 days a wk to lift, and then I also lift here at home as well. I really love focusing on legs and my booty so heres a couple routines I love doing for that:
155lb squats- 12 reps
25lb Kettlebell swings- 50
25lb Kettlebell sumo squats- 50
Step ups with 25lb dumbells- 1 min
Walking lunges with 25lb dumbells- 20
***Do that routine 3-4x***
55lb Leg extension- 3x12
45lb Seated leg curl- 3x12
100lb Leg Press- 3x15
170lb Inner thigh- 3x20
150lb Outter thigh- 3x20
And then I finish I always do squats with every workout I do. Also I try to increase my weight every few wks. The heavier the better. I use to be that girl that only lifted really, realy, light and focused mostly on cardio, but I wasnt seeing much of any changes in my body. But then I started lifting heavier in Jan 2013, and clean eating, went from 23% bodyfat in Jan down to 18% in March! I haven't had it checked since, but I would imagine I am at 16%. Ladies, do not be afraid to lift heavy!!!!
7. What is your ultimate fitness goal and who is your fitness role model?
My ultimate fitness goal is just to be the healthiest me as possible. I don't want to do competitions or anything, thats just not what I am into. I just want to be the best version of myself possible. I want to be healthier, stronger, and faster. I want to become a better runner. Well, I will say I would love to run my first Marathon sometime within the next year. And I would also love to do the Tough Mudder one of these days as well. And as far as my fitness role model, I would say Mari Brennan AKA littleloislane on Instagram hahaha I started following her a year ago and she just inspires me more each day. She just has so much discipline, dedication, motivation, and shes such a bada%$. 
8. What is YOUR biggest excuse when you don't feel like working out?
My biggest excuse is "I don't feel like it." Either bc its too hot out, its too cold out, I am too lazy, I don't want to get up, etc. But I just get up and do it. Just get it done. Its so worth it. I mean, seriously, who has ever regretted a workout!?!?
9. What is your one food weakness?
Fruit Punch Rockstars and a cheeseburger. I am a FREAK about those 2 things. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! 
10.  What advice would you give to a person who wants to make a healthy change to their life but is intimidated by the whole thing?
Just do it. Seriously, just do it. Everyone starts somewhere. If you arent happy in your own skin, you're the only person that can change that. Do what you need to do to be happy. I use to hate the body I was in. Instead of dwelling on it and feeling sorry for yourself (thats what I did) look at what you want to change and how you can change it. In order to see changes, you have to be willing to make changes. 

11. Name something others might not readily know about you (hobbies outside of fitness, a unique talent, etc etc.). 
I can sing. I am super, super morbid. And the oddest thing, I sleep with a heating pad every night and have since I was in my teens. I take it with me if I know I am gonna be traveling as well hahaha its a comfort thing. 


 I hope you enjoyed this Fitspo Feature! Leave me a comment, and GO FOLLOW @Micheskiiii!! ;-D Have a motivated Monday!!!! xoxoxo

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Fitspo Feature: @LanaBananaFitness

Happy Tuesday my peeps!! I have a wonderful Fitspo Feature for you today, allow me to introduce Lana LaRouche of @LanaBananaFitness!

This girl is OH-SO-inspiring and I just KNOW you're going to fall in love with her! I've been following her on Instagram for a few months now and she is BY FAR one of my #1 favorite fitness gals around, bar none! I wanted you to get to know her a little better so I interviewed her! Enjoy this wonderful discovery of a beautiful & inspiring fit gal!


1. When did you get started on your fitness journey and what method have you stuck to to achieve your results?
I'm coming up on about the 2 year mark since I changed my ways. Before then, my idea of health/achieving the body I want was to "eat less, do more" now my motto is basically to do what makes you feel happy in the healthiest way possible. At first since I was new to working out and didn't no a thing about nutrition seeing as my favourite food before was mr.noodles, I started online looking up at home workouts and purchased some light weights. Started working out at home maybe 20 mins a day and meal prepping which I found to be the biggest influence for me. Abs are truly made in the kitchen and just by changing my diet alone without exercise made the biggest difference. Once that was established I started running 4-5 x a week about 20 mins just around the block where I lived. Once I realized after I had lost weight (and didn't notice either until I came home from school and all my family was like holy you've changed!) I figured out that I actually want to get bigger. But in a fit way, gain muscle and eat more. So I added more protein, and got myself a gym pass for the first time which was intimidating walking into the gym not knowing a thing and not wanting to resort to just going on the treadmill because my goal was to lift weights and gain muscle. Been learning more from both experience/online/ and even just commentary from people at the gym or via Instagram on tips/tricks. 
2. What inspired you to get fit and what keeps you going now?
My biggest inspiration has been my boyfriend. He hasn't directly influenced me but we have been together for 7 years now and as of 2 years ago we have had to do the long-distance relationship as we both go to school in different countries. The first year apart was very hard for me, I was depressed, self destructive (drank a lot and starved myself) and was overall unhappy and felt that I couldn't be happy on my own. It was a battle but one which I have overcame. Soon as I realized, yes he does bring me happiness, but no I can make myself happy to and do things for ME is when I started caring about myself more and became a more independent person. I bought healthy/expensive treats, bought a gym pass, started working out and focusing on ME. The first time I felt "selfish" but soon realized everyone needs to love themselves and treat themselves how they treat the ones they love. 
The more I workout and feel happy about me, the more confidence I have, the more I smile, the more he smiles and when I see him as happy as I am because he sees how I;ve changed it does truly keep me going. He too has his own fitness battles and has struggled with his weight his whole life so if I can now be a help to him and motivate and give back, that too motivates me.
Oh and not to forget! Since starting an Instagram account I cannot believe how supportive and kind the people of the world are! Anyway I can help someone by answering a health question, motivate someone to work out or to start doing what makes them happy truly effects my life in a positive way too. 
3. What is your occupation? What is your ultimate career goal?
I currently work for my mother-in-law at a Liquor store, often in the back unloading beer which I find to be a workout in of itself. But it is far from my life goals/expectations. I have always been an artist (what I attend school for) and hope to be a high school advanced art class teacher and a tattoo artist with my sister as we plan on opening an all female run tattoo shop together one day.
Although I must admit recently have been thinking about getting my training certification as it would be good to have as fitness has recently become a huge influence/enjoyment in my life too now..hmm
4. What kind of diet do you follow? Does it include cheat meals and what are they like?
Basically I am a sucker for candy. Its my weakness. To keep it simple 
Breakfast: steel-cut oats, eggs or greek yogurt and fruit
Lunch: salad & veggies and some sort of protein, (chicken or shake)
Dinner: veggies, some type of protein and a complex carb (either brown rice, quinoa, or yam)
Snacks: yogurt, cottage cheese, apple, protein bars, cashews/nuts, fruit, quinoa salad, Peanut butter on celery or apple or anything pretty much haha. 
I just keep it simple, I am truly no chef but I do take good photos of my food which tend to trick people into thinking I am! The things I avoid are simple carbs, any breads or pasta-type things, candy and sugar and most dairy especially cheese but that is mostly because of my digestion issues with dairy. And absolutely no alcohol. 
I never really consider cheat meals because if I go out with friends and I decide hey I want sushi too, I will, because if you eat right and workout regularly 90% of the time you can indulge in things like that when you want I believe. My cheat "meals" are often a thing or two here and there, for example, my boyfriends parents I live with constantly keep a stock of chocolate covered raisins/almonds on the counter which I'll have a handful here and there or if I'm craving chocolate I wont go buy 3 chocolate bars but maybe put a scoop of chocolate Hazelnut spread on an apple or find a slightly better alternative that still fixes the craving. 
5. What does your current workout routine look like?
Something different everyday and trying new things each day, best results come with spontaneity.. and it keeps things interesting! I often post workouts on my Instagram too :)
6. What is your ultimate fitness goal?
Basically to compete in a Figure Competition (hopefully in 2014), even if I don't place at all I just want to take part in one and say look how far I've come and what I did. Oh and another silly goal is to be able to bench press the weight of my boyfriend, and if he continues to lose weight like he is this may actually be possible sooner then I thought! :P 
7. What is YOUR biggest excuse when you don't feel like working out?
I have a few main ones, one being "Oh theres not enough time till I need to leave for work" which is usually a couple hours since I get up early and then I tell myself "All you need is 10 mins!" because in reality anything you do is better than nothing. 
The other being more of a real reason, because I only see my boyfriend during summer and christmas time when he is home and I am too I don't like to leave to go to the gym (working on getting him to come with me) but I want to spend as much time with him as I can so if that means skipping work out I will but ideally I hope to get him more involved with working out with me.
8. Who is your fitness role model?
Most people are virtual role models via Instagram. I'm not into the super "insta-famous" type that posts "booty progress" or practically nude photos. Although I am not saying they haven't put in the work and truly deserve the bodes they have and to show them off but thats just not me I try to stay conservative to a degree (and hope people will let me know if I stray from!) But who does inspire me are the average girls, attending school, working, providing for a family, and doing all they can to better themselves. Wish I had a name in particular but there are too many!
9. What is your one food weakness?
...Candy, in particular; rainbow ropes, and anything green apple! XP


10.  What advice would you give to a person who wants to make a healthy change to their life but is intimidated by the whole thing?
Small steps, each little change over time will make a huge difference. I know this quote is overused but its true. Progress is a progression, it takes time and is a process because these things don't happen over night, over a week or even a month. Don't look at your goals as a goal because you're already setting up a limitation, a finish line, Instead look at it as a life change with no finish line and to continually do what makes you happy and what will better your life or motivate and inspire those around you to do the same!
11. Name something others might not readily know about you (hobbies outside of fitness, a unique talent, etc etc.). 
I want to be a tattoo artist. I have a twin brother (and 2 younger brothers and an older sister), I own two guinea pigs, I can sing, I can bake a wicked cheesecake from scratch, and I've always wanted to shave my head and to have a mohawk but hesitant because my man loves long hair :P ...one day!


I hope you enjoyed this Fitspo Feature! Leave me a comment, and GO FOLLOW Lana!! ;-D Have a motivated Tuesday!!!! xoxoxo

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