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How to Survive Your First Yoga Session

If you're thinking about trying out yoga for the first time but feel too scared of making a fool of yourself, you're not alone. The most common excuse I hear from people is that they feel yoga is for flexible people only. But why would flexible people need to do yoga if they're already flexible? My point: yoga is for everybody. So take these 10 simple tips for surviving your first yoga session that will help make you a more confident beginner!

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Healthy Meals Ideas for a Week

Happy Wednesday everyone! I made this video to give you an idea of what I've been eating this week to help you get started on meal ideas if you're trying to eat healthy but are fresh out of ideas. Keep in mind that I switch it up about every two weeks, so this is just my routine that's been going on for this particular week. These aren't ALL my meal ideas, just some! Below is a snippet of what I explained in the video:

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Winter Workout

I created this workout for my friend Marcy who asked me the question: What are some simple workouts I can do at home during the winter? 

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Fitness Fashion Tips! 

Watch my video below to get some quick and dirty fitness fashion tips!! I posted some helpful tips about cutting shirts too below in the photos. And for my fellow Latter-Day Saints, just know that I only wear these at home when I'm working out alone! Don't forget you can always wear a cute tank top underneath these cut off shirts if you don't want to show off any belly! ;-)

Also don't forget to leave your favorite inspirational word in the comments to help me pick a word that I'll write on my hat to decorate it and motivate myself! 

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Fitvlog 8.29.11 - My Planned Meals for the Week & Back to School!

I'm setting myself up for SUCCESS guys, I'm HUSTLING! I'm MAKING MYSELF! Are you??? Don't get bitter, just get busy!!

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10 Tips to Break the ‘Never-ending Diet’ Cycle

I absolutely loved this article below by Bonnie Pfiester, creator of the BCx Online FREE bootcamp. So I just HAD to share it with you, but please go check out her blog and subscribe to her articles because they are amazing! Here's the link to her blog. And here's the article below!

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