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Master List of Healthy Meal Ideas

Hi Everyone,

I created the below list of my favorite healthy meal plan ideas a few years ago and I've kept it private for so long. It's a growing list that I've tried to perfect and prune but I finally realized that I should share it with you whether or not it's perfect and I'd love for you to add your meal ideas in the comments section as well.

This list helps me refresh my memory of all the healthy meal ideas I love, whenever I go blank on what I should plan or prep for meals. I've referenced back on it over the years and it helps me tremendously. I tend to draw a blank and think -- "I don't know what to make!!" lol. Well this list leaves me without that excuse!

Over time I plan to link each of these meals ideas with a separate page link that includes a picture of what the meal looks like once it's made, and a short recipe attached. As I complete that goal, you will see each meal idea highlighted with a link!

I will also be putting together actual meal plans, like a breakfast, lunch, and dinner combos that I find are great meal combinations that you can use for meal planning and prepping. Each "meal plan" will have a special name and link. This project is coming! I will be developing it right before your eyes, so as I come up with them, you'll be getting them! 

Again, please add your meal ideas in the comments, and if I like the meal I will just add it to the list! You can even send me a link to your picture or blog post about it and I will link it there :) This page will serve as my master list of favorite great healthy meal ideas, whether they be my own ideas, or just bomb dot com recipes I find around the internet!! Please share your favs too!


(This is page is a continuous work in progress! It's my Magnum Opus. I will be tossing meals that suck and keeping meals that rock!)


Lemon Yogurt Parfait

Yogurt with wheat bran

Honey Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal 

Eggs with Spinach

Breakfast burrito (egg, tortilla, turkey, cheese)

Eggs and Toast

Protein pancakes (kodiak flapjacks)

Grape nuts cereal with banana and an orange

Aaroz con leche in small amounts 

Breakfast Smoothie (see smoothies below)

Oatmeal with peanut butter and chocolate protein



Chicken quesadillas 

Turkey Sandwich with chips

Mashed broccoli with just salt

Bean burritos w cheese

Oysters with crackers



Korean Lettuce Wraps (my fav!!!)

Crockpot roast

Green salad with boiled potatoes (I love this recipe, link coming soon)

Chicken with Sweet potatoes (boring!! somebody help me spice this up)

Butternut Squash

Acorn Squash

Oscar's Bomb Healthy Pizza Bread




Oatmeal/ Banana/Peanut Butter

Spinach/ Banana / Milk / Basil / EGGS

Spinach/ Banana / Orange / Basil




Master list of snacks to eat when you're bored

Oranges with basil leaves

Graham crackers with milk

Frozen blueberries (optional with dark chocolate)

Boiled Eggs


Total cereal flakes (they're like eating healthy crunchy chips lol)

Cucumbers (more crunch yum!)

Cottage Cheese with fruit



Carrots (crunchy!)





Coming up!!


Lemon Protein Bars