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Lululemon Athletica - Yoga


Happy TUESDAY everyone! For those of you who know me well, you know that Lululemon Athletica is one of the brands I obsess over. Well I'm totally excited to announce that I am currently in the process of doing some legit Lululemon Athletica product testing!!! ahhh!!! I sort of kept it a little secret until now, but while I was in Florida I was contacted by a sweet gal named Erin of Lululemon, and offered the awesome opportunity to test out their product and report back to their corporate headquarters! Since their clothes are built by athletes for athletes, they need feedback focusing on fit, function, and technical performance, so that's just what I'll be doing!


So since I'll be testing out quite a few items and for a few different types of training, I wanted to drag you guys along with me! I'll be making a few separate posts about each of the outfits and pieces I received. 

So for starters, today I tested out a lovely yoga outfit during a yoga class at 3BYoga Studio in Provo.



There were three pieces to this outfit starting with the Gather and Crow Crop. I've honestly NEVER tried a crop bottom like this before in my life. I've always stuck to bottoms that hug me at the ankle or hug my calves simply because I always felt that anything else would make me look short haha. But trying this crop was actually refreshing. I guess what I loved most about this crop was the fact that it allowed a full range of motion, comfort, and ease during my yoga session that pleasantly surprised me! 

The second piece was this No Limits Tank. When this tank first debuted a while back, I remember how much it stood out to me. Lemme just tell you that wearing it feels completely different than just looking at it. The flowy midsection is just awesome; they should've called it the freedom tank. :P

And finally, a yoga outfit wouldn't be complete without something totally warm and soft to cuddle into after the mad sweatfest! Hence the Scuba Hoodie! Ahh this hoodie feels like a big warm hug. If you've never tried this hoodie before, it's totally different than any other hoodie because it has a super high collar and a deep hood that makes you feel completely surrounded in the hoodie.

So aside from product testing, remember about a month ago I told you that I was super stoked to teach some new yoga classes and HIIT classes? Well all of my official teaching will start today!!! ahhh I'm so excited and maybe just a little nervous! Wish me luck!

I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!! xoxoxo

Fashion Friday - Nike Women 2012 #MAKEEVERYMOVECOUNT


Right after New Years I ran the update on my Nike Training Club iPhone app to get the new workouts and rewards for 2012.

I can't tell you how exciting it is to follow Nike Women through every year's new campaign. They have a remarkable way of making girls like me become die-hard fans, spend wayyyy too much money, and become more inspired to workout & change our lives than ever before. They make you feel that by wearing their clothes, you become the athlete. And it's awesome. 

The one thing I love more than anything about Nike Women campaigns is the way they take real life athletes and use them as their models. These athletes have real bodies and are real people full of victories, failures, and incredible desire. These women look just like anybody, they could be me or you. Nike showcases all body types- skinny, muscular, big-boned. Their bodies aren't sexualized. Their bodies aren't photoshopped like they would be in Shape, Oxygen, Women's Health or any other magazine out there made to tell you you're not enough. Instead Nike let's you look deep into the eyes, the smiles and the hearts of these women who dedicate themselves to hard work everyday.


I want to share with you some of my favorite items Nike Women has put out so far in 2012. I'm the kind of girl who LOVES to personalize my workout clothes by cutting stuff up, painting my shoes, you name it.

The following are my personal Nike Women Spring must-have items! :)

Nike Epic Women's Sweatshirt - As you can see in the photo below, this off-the-shoulder sweater can be cut at the waist for a sexy but relaxed look. This is by far my #1 wishlist item!! 

Nike Pro Core Compression Print Women's Shorts - These shorts only come in two patterns so far, and I can't figure out which one is my favorite! 


Nike Stripe G87 Women's Knit Tank Top - I fell in LOVE with this tank the first time I laid eyes on it. It's lightweight with perforations for breathability. I especially love the idea of the cut at the waist, but I might just leave it as it is. Made perfect for the beautiful sweaty mess you become after a good workout. 


Nike Dri-FIT Obsessed Women's Capris - This capri was cut and made into shorts in the photo below, so maybe you'll just have to buy two pairs. One to cut and one to keep as a solid capri!

Nike Women - Nike Epic Women_s Sweatshirt-1

Nike Free TR Twist Women's Training Shoe - This training shoe may be the only shoe you'll ever need this year. It's made for both training and light running with tip-top flexibility for agile movement. I love the cinch at the ankle that accents it. Can't wait till it comes out in more colors! 

Nike AW77 Stadium Full-Zip Women's Hoodie - I can't get enough of this long-sleeved hoodie. You can see in the pic below they cut off the sleeves to make it more bad-ass! The best part is that it comes in about a million different colors. Take a look!


Have an awesome Friday. I hope you kick some bootay this weekend in your workouts! Even if you don't have any of these clothes or can't afford them, forget about that and go shape the body that will make anything - even rags - look good! 

10 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Fitness Girl

I put together this holiday gift list of 10 items you can be sure any fitness girl will love, whether it be your mom, aunt, sister, or even for you!! The prices range from cheap to pricy, so take your pick!

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Black Friday - Day After Thanksgiving

Today is/was Black Friday-- but I prefer to call it The Day After Thanksgiving hehe. I'm not a big Black Friday shopper, it's just one of those things that gives me anxiety to even think about. Anyone else feel that way?

So I woke up around 11am this morning and decided to give Sports Authority a little whirl to see if I could snag anything good.

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Fitness Fashion Tips! 

Watch my video below to get some quick and dirty fitness fashion tips!! I posted some helpful tips about cutting shirts too below in the photos. And for my fellow Latter-Day Saints, just know that I only wear these at home when I'm working out alone! Don't forget you can always wear a cute tank top underneath these cut off shirts if you don't want to show off any belly! ;-)

Also don't forget to leave your favorite inspirational word in the comments to help me pick a word that I'll write on my hat to decorate it and motivate myself! 

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Nike Women Giveaway & Update from me!

Here is the link to the @nikewomen tweet I talked about in my video for the contest! Go do it! 

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