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True or False: Eating at night stores fat


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Hey guys! Happy Friday! I received a question recently asking, "Does eating at night make me fat?" The way you answer this question will say a lot about how much you really know about weight loss and how much you're just picking up from hear-say and myths.


The answer to this question is simply, no. Eating at night does not make a person store fat; eating more calories than you expend does

We all have a certain amount of calories that we can consume without gaining weight. Every single day, our bodies expend a fixed amount of calories based on our height, weight, and age. This number of calories is called your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR). Basically if you layed in bed all day and didn't move a finger, you would still burn this amount of calories. These calories are required by your body to sustain vital bodily functions like blood circulation, respiration, and body temperature regulation. In order to maintain your weight you need to eat at least this amount of calories plus a few extra that count for things like digesting food, and the other regular activities you do daily (excluding exercise). Additionally, if you exercise you will need to eat more calories above your RMR to maintain your weight. So in the end, RMR + your activity level will all total up and equal the amount of calories you can eat daily to maintain your current weight. 


So let's say that you know you burn at least 2,000 calories in a 24-hour period. You are having a busy day and have only had a chance to eat a 400 calorie breakfast. For the rest of the busy day you didn't get a chance to eat. You get home at 10pm at night and gobble up a whopping 1,000 calorie meal and go straight to bed. Will you gain weight? NO. You consumed a total of 1400 calories that day meaning that you have burned 600 calories more than you have consumed, so technically you've actually lost a little bit of weight. 

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However this was just an example scenario. The key to successful weight loss is not starving yourself all day. Make sure to balance out your meals throughout the day to keep yourself in top mental & physical condition, to avoid things like low-blood sugar, and to avoid binge eating


So now to the burning question, then how do you lose weight? Simple. Eat less calories than you burn. To find out the amount of calories you should consume to maintain weight, try out this calorie calculator. In order to lose weight subtract roughly 500 from the number this calculator generates for you.

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There are 3,500 calories in 1 lb of fat. So if you're eating 500 calories less than you burn daily, you will lose 1lb of fat per week. If you want to lose 2lbs of fat per week, then add in some daily exercise to burn an extra 200-500 calories. 

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I hope that helps some of you break through some dieting confusion. Remember, diet is about 80% of how you look and will determine the speed of results you will get from exercise. Exercise is supplemental to weight loss, while how you eat is the actual key. You'll never be able to exercise yourself out of a bad diet.

I hope to keep posting myth-busting posts every now and then, so let me know if this post helped you out. Have a wonderful Friday!! Eat something healthy for me!! xoxo!

Life in Florida!

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Hi guys! So I've been shamefully absent from my blog for almost 2 weeks now!! I'm SOOOOO sorry!!! Before we arrived in Florida, we spent the entire week packing up our house, and moving our stuff out! By the time we got to Florida, vacation was just too sweet and I gave myself a break from the internets for a while. But I'm baaaaack!!! And I promise I won't fall off the face of the earth this time!

So while we've been here I've been flying through my NASM personal training readings and have been studying a ton!!! We've also gone to the beach a few times and I can't get enough of it! I'm starting to get a really nice tan ;-) (you can't tell in this pic, because this was one of the first days I was just starting to get fried ;-P)

I've also been doing yoga nearly every morning on this incredible dock in our backyard!! I absolutely love doing yoga in the mornings here. There's always a beautiful breeze and I'm excited we still have two more weeks here until we go back to Utah!

One thing that's been such a struggle here on vacation is sticking to a good diet. Since I'm not in my own kitchen and have been thrown out of my element, my eyes have grown bigger than my stomach. There have been a couple of times where I've completely overeaten, and not even intentionally, I just didn't take care to control my portions and ended up eating more than I had planned. But the more I've realized those mistakes, the more caution I've taken to pace myself and plan a little better before each meal. And since food has been associated with a lot of family socializing here, I don't feel like I'm in 100% control of what I'll be eating all the time, but I'm trying to do my best!!

If nothing else, I'm pretty sure I'll walk out of this vacation with some "how to diet on vacation" tips!! hehe :-) welp, like I said I promise I won't disappear anymore, so thanks to all of my peeps who are sticking with me!




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