I Joined BodyBuildingcom $250kChallenge!
Monday, January 4, 2016 at 01:16AM
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Galax waiving hi when I snapped the photo. He thought we were face-timing, silly kid. He loves to waive at everyone all the time hehe. He's been my faithful little companion as I have done my workout routines and healthy eating this week! 

Hi guys! How has your first week of the New Year been? Don't feel like yours had to be perfect, most weeks never are! 

I had a strong start to a first week of the New Year and I'm pretty proud of my focus and determination this week. I have to admit though, as much as I stayed consistent and strong in my eating and workouts in the beginning of the week, by Wednesday night after dinner and all day Thursday I fell sick and had to take it easy after that. So I have been taking care of my body and listening to its needs and taking it easy with no workouts Thursday and today (Friday). 

One of my great accomplishments was running 3 miles on Monday! It was my first time in YEARS running 3 miles. To me that is SO crazy because I used to run up to 10 miles at a time. But since I had the baby I've only run up to 2 at a time. But I broke that threashold this week, and I even did it in only 31 minutes! yay!! I only run for 30 mins 3x per week so I don't think I'll go much above 3 miles for a while :)

Bodybuildingcom #250kChallenge

 Okay so I joined the Bodybuilding.com #250KChallenge! They are giving away $100k to ONE male and ONE female winner and I want to be the female winner!! So I'm giving it my best shot. And I took my before photos!!! AGH! But I couldn't get myself to share them on here out of sheer shame and embarassment so I've posted them on my bodyspace account where we are supposed to upload them in order to qualify to enter the contest, so if you're interested in seeing them you can view them here: http://bodyspace.bodybuilding.com/YogaEatRun/ Beware though, they are not pretty or sightly!!

By the way it's still not too late to join!!! The final registration ends Jan 10th!! Here's all the details on how to join: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/transformation-challenge.html 

I can't wait to see my former fit body emerge from what I am now. I can almost see her when I'm at the smith machine doing my squats. I can almost see my legs shaping up and my waist shrinking down to it's former size. This week I went from weighing 143lbs to 140lbs. I am sooooo close to the 130's again and I just can't wait!! I haven't been in the 130's since 2013!!!!

Nursing the babe

However one of the things I need to manage better is eating ENOUGH. Because this week I noticed that I didn't eat enough each night, and fell short of meeting my calorie goal for the day (my goal is somewhere around 1400-1600 cals). And keep in mind I'm still breastfeeding believe it or not! I mean it's not that my baby needs the milk for nourishment anymore, it's more of a comfort thing only, but he still nurses quite a lot. My milk supply was lower this week but since breastfeeding is not a priority any more now that he's already 1 1/2 years old, I don't mind if my milk supply diminishes, even though I love nursing. But considering I went all week without losing my milk even with a huge calorie deficit, I don't think it's going away anytime soon, even with all my dieting. BUT nonetheless, I still need to do better about eating at least 1400 - 1600 calories per day instead of 1200 or so that I am currently doing, which I think was partly the reason I got sick on Wednesday and Thursday this week.

I'm pretty excited for this new year all things considered. I feel like I'm coming back into my self this year and I feel like the lessons that the recent years have taught me have made me so much stronger and wiser. I feel like 2013 - 2015 were years of drastic change and growth for me that kind of threw me for a loop. Mostly due to having my first baby and some financial challenges we've faced as a family. Anyways I just want to say thanks again for sharing my journey. <3 I really do love and appreciate you guys. You guys keep me motivated and feeling a sense of community. So thanks!

How has your first week been? Have you joined any health contests or challenges? What are your new years resolutions?


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