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Week TWO - C-Section Recovery Exercise Program 

Me today during my 2 mile run!

Happy Monday!!!! It's December 1st 2014. Wow. It's amazing how fast a year goes by isn't it? I am excited that my @BabyGalax will be 11 weeks old tomorrow! That makes him two months old + 3 weeks!! BTW I've created an Instagram account for him where I post pictures of him almost daily... yes I'm obsessed!! As I should be, I'm his mama! :D His biggest FAN! :) This week he's been cooing a lot, and today he almost started to laugh! His little personality is starting to shine and I love it!

This morning I dared to run on the treadmill for the first time all by myself with my baby -- no babysitter or help from my husband. This was a BIG milestone for me, because to my surprise @BabyGalax actually let me run 2 miles while he sat in his bouncer watching me, which took me 30 mins to complete (I'm a slow fatty right now). By the end of the run he started to get fussy and cry, but I was able to scoop him up and do my cool down with him outside. It's really nice weather here in California! 

This was also such a big milestone for me because I have noticed that ever since he's been born, I've had a REALLY hard time pulling away from him and focusing on something else for a period of time. I can't seem to be comfortable when I'm not checking up on him every few minutes, sometimes even when my husband is taking care of him. I think maybe it's the breastfeeding hormones that have got me so attached to him. Being able to watch him today while I ran, and for him to stay calm while I did it, felt liberating and empowering that I was actually able to do something else and focus on running while watching him at the same time. I felt like I could really do this-- I could really get fit with my baby by my side. In the first few weeks of new motherhood, I had my moments of doubt. 

This week I have another workout download for you which is Week 2 of my C-Section Recovery Exercise Program!  This is the plan I will be following this week actually! I know I'm a bit late on this but I'm taking it all in stride. Click here to download the workout PDF plan. I will be uploading a YouTube video with the detailed exercise explainations later this week, so keep an eye out for that! 

I'm really excited about this week's program because for the next 4 weeks (the entire month of December), I will be focusing on stability endurance training. This will help me improve my stabilizer muscles which can help prevent injury in the future when my workouts get more intense and more physically challenging. I've also lost alot of my ability to balance myself since my muscles have atrophied from being sedentary as well as the c-section caused what abdominal strength I had left to disappear. This type of training will also help me improve my muscle imbalances that I've accrued during my sedentary time being pregnant. If you feel you're in the same boat physically for one reason or another, then don't hestiate to download week two's free PDF and do it with me!

I hope you have a great week! Leave me a comment if you're still working out in December! 

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