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*Okay breath*..... Wow peeps, this is seriously one of the biggest accomplishments that I am most proud of EVER. I can't begin to tell you how much sacrifice has gone into this certification. Where do I begin?

First off, the photo above is how I currently look.

And this photo below is how I actually feel. 

I passed crazy_Snapseed

 And before I move any further, here is the solid proof in my pudding. 


For those who know me well, you know that six months ago I left a great paying job working with a highly talented marketing team as a social media specialist, in order to go after what I really wanted to do in life - personal training. That was the first BIG, and very scary step for me to go after my passion. 

I knew I didn't want to spend my life sitting at a desk. I knew I wanted to help change people's lives with exercise and healthy eating. I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to feel fulfilled from my work. So I took the plunge.

I spent the next 5 months studying MY BUTT OFF amidst struggling financially to stay afloat.

We had to make sacrifices. You can ask my husband, because even he had to make sacrifices so that I could achieve this goal. I prayed every day. I studied with lots of faith and I had to apply every brain cell I had to keeping my focus strong. I even dropped blogging and exercising towards the bitter end of this past month to make time for studying, as you all my have noticed.    

For those of you thinking about going through this NASM certification for the first time, let me just tell you the truth. THE ACTUAL TEST WAS HARD. And trust me I studied like a psycho because I couldn't afford to fail (to take the re-test is $200). I remember writing things on flash cards thinking, "okay, in an extreme case they might ask me about this" hoping that in reality they never would. Well guess what, they did. ya. And they word questions really oddly. So just a little heads up for you.

So this morning before the exam I took a little morning refreshing run to get my brain started. I ate a good breakfast. I showered, I cleaned up. I studied a few last minute flash cards. I prayed.

One funny coincidence is that the testing center was literally three blocks down from our new house that we're living in now. Crazy huh?

Oh, and on my run this morning I saw this bizarre sign. Has anyone ever seen this sign on a run before? What is even weirder is that according to my grandparents, peacock was my first word when I was a child. lol. 


I'm so happy to say that things have been looking up for my husband and I lately. We moved out of our friend's basement and into a new house. He got a better job. I just landed some great personal training gigs along with teaching weekly fitness & yoga classes with a local company, Leantrition

Anyways, thanks to all of you out there (you know who you are) who have supported me (&us) to make it to this point, who have believed in me the entire way, those who have given me opportunities when I didn't fully deserve them, and those who have been great friends from the beginning through to the end. Also thanks to all the amazing fitness professionals and other fitness peeps out there who have inspired me to do this! And also thanks to those who have sent me emails or tweets or anything else that I haven't responded to yet because I've been busy studying!! Thanks for being patient with me!! And most importantly I thank God for helping me achieve this goal.

Have a wonderful weekend!!! TIME TO CELEBRATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (any suggestions? I'm thinking, acrylic nails, new fitness outfit, or a splurging dessert or dinner....) 

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    Great. Now i can say thank you!
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    I hate it when I go places and there's no Internet.. just a bummer
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    Enjoyable post. Ive just forwarded the link to my friend|.
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    I PASSED!!!! - Home - Yoga Eat Run
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    I PASSED!!!! - Home - Yoga Eat Run
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    I PASSED!!!! - Home - Yoga Eat Run

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