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The Running Skirt: 5 Reasons Why I Will Never Run in Shorts Again

Yesterday I had a MEGA epiphany, people. This one is going down in the books for me.

I've always run in running shorts. I mean DUH, who doesn't right?

Well let me just start by saying that for the past few months I've been seriously considering buying a sports skirt. I mean they just started popping up in stores like daisies, and everywhere I went I felt like they were following me.....[in a ghost's voice], "oOooO...buy me Jenae, BUY ME!"

I've come so close to swiping the card and going through with it. But every single time I felt like I didn't have a good solid reason to buy one; I felt like they were too preppy for me, or like they were for playing tennis and I don't play tennis. I thought that if I bought one, I'd feel like a stupid idiot wearing it. 

Well turns out most recently when Lululemon sent me product to test, lo and behold, they sent me a running skirt! So yesterday I pulled it out and gave it a whirl for the first time on my 5-mile run. And OMGoodness I'm serious people, this is where the epiphany happened.   


I can't tell you how surprised and pleased I was to realize that this skirt was the reason I decided right then and there, that I will never go back to regular old running shorts ever again!!!

To sum it up for you, this is my list of 5 reasons why I will never go back:

1. No more tugging down on your shorts every five minutes as they ride up your crotch when you run.

Every pair of shorts I've ever had have this problem, and it annoys the crap out of me! I hate having to tug down my shorts as I'm running because they are rolling up my leg.

What I love about this skirt is that it has built in shorts with a sticky elastic band on the inner hem that keeps your shorts locked in solid place, and no matter how much you extend your hips, your shorts are sealed baby!!!

2. No more eposure of your inner thighs.

I don't know about you but I am not one of those lucky girls who has a beautiful gap between her thighs & absolutely no thigh fat whatsoever. See this pic below? Sadly, not me. Running skirt solves this problem completely. No more inner thigh exposure!!!

The skirt's flap in the front always has your crotch and upper thighs covered throughout the entire run, (even if your under-shorts would by any chance start to roll up), and the flap doesn't get caught or mold between your legs when you're running either, unlike some other running skirts I've tried on. 

 3. Feel the breeze, not the squeeze.

What could be better than feeling a fresh breeze up your skirt instead of having your shorts squeeze the crap out of your butt as they roll up your legs and cause a sweat fest in your underpants? Okay just kidding maybe it's not that bad, but seriously you feel so free like you're flying when you run in a skirt versus shorts! It's a better way to say cool and sweat free in your undercarriage if ya know what I mean ;-)

4. Feel like a girl not like a sleeze. 

No more guys checking out your butt. Why? Because it's completely covered by magical skirtness! Okay maybe they'll still check out your legs, but they would've done that in shorts anyways. No but seriously, men aside, this skirt makes you completely feel like a feminine girly with the beautiful bouncy ruffles in the back! So you can sport your girlpower all over the place!

5. No more muffin top. 

As Cassie Ho always says, "muffin tops are for muffins only!" This skirt completely wraps beautifully around your hips giving you a beatiful shape for total coverage on the muffin top!! 

And finally, I just want to say that if you ever decide to get a running skirt, take the plunge and buy the Run: Pace Setter Skirt from Lululemon.

They didn't pay me to say that either, I'm telling you from my personal experience that all of those other times I ever shopped around for sports skirts, I never found one of them that measures up to this skirt in technical performance, fit, or function. They really put in a lot of attention to detail with this skirt and I don't think I'll ever buy anything other than this one! 


I hope you guys have awesome weekend!!! Get your workout in!! xoxoxo!!

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