Hi, I'm Jenaé Frick and this is my blog. I'm a certified yoga instructor, and a certified NASM personal trainer. I'm also a new mommy! Welcome to my life! Click here to read more about me.









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This is me. Hi! 

I'm a life-lovin' fitness girl. I practice yoga, running, lifting & healthy eating.
This is a picture of me and my husband, Andrew.
You know how life goes!
First comes love,


This is my happy family. We loooooove each other!!!

This is my little man. He's my favorite!!

Hi, I'm Jenaé Frick. I'm a yoga instructor, and NASM certified personal trainer. I love getting my sweat on with a good workout, and finding healthy and tasty things to eat! I have been happily married in the San Diego LDS temple to the love of my heart, Andrew. We have a beautiful baby boy, Galax (pronounced like Galaxy). We're currently living in California.

My blog is where I share my life and heart with you. I love making healthy recipe videos, video journaling, and occasionally hosting giveaways with my favorite brands to bring you all my favorite goodies that I can! 

I'll also share exercise plans, meal plans, interviews with my favorite fitness people and more! 

I love connecting with everyone who was sweet enough to visit my blog and read this far down, even if this is your first time here! So feel free to say hi to me on YouTubeTwitter, Like me on Facebook, follow me on Instagram, or email me jenae@yogaeatrun.com. Please say hi, I'd love to get to know you!

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UPDATE!! I had a baby.

And got FAT.

I'm currently trying to LOSE the baby weight!

Read more about it HERE.


Hi, I'm Jenae. The girl you see today on this blog is very different from the girl I used to be. I was never the girl who was good at doing anything cool with my body. Growing up my family could never afford putting me in any programs like sports, gymnastics, ballet, dance, martial arts, figure skating, etc.- Nothing. 

So by the time I reached high school I was pretty much useless. I was ignorant about all sports, I couldn't do the splits, touch my toes, do cartwheels, run, or anything. I was a horrible dancer and my body seemed to be a source of embarrassment, especially my belly fat rolls on my stomach. I remember constantly being self-conscious about it and wishing I were thinner, more beautiful, more popular.

My freshman year of high school I signed up for the girl's basketball team in hopes that I could learn something new, have some fun, and makes some friends at the same time. Joining the team was a bad experience I'll never forget. Long story short, I ended up quitting half way through the season for so many reasons: all of the girls hated me on the team because I had zero basketball skills, I was the shortest one on the team, and my grades were plummeting since I couldn't seem to juggle going to abusive team practices and managing school at the same time.  

However there was one major thing I learned from basketball that season, I mean besides knowing how much I sucked at it. I remember the day after my first conditioning practice waking up and my arms were so incredibly sore and I had never, EVER before experienced muscle soreness in my life.  I didn't even know what it was, why it was, or where it came from. I remember going to class the next day and I couldn't even write with my pencil, I was so sore. I asked one of the more popular girls who was on my team who sat next to me in class, "My arms are hurting! Are yours too? Why do they feel like this?" She just looked at me oddly and said, "uhhhmmm no?" And so I was left to figure it out on my own, feeling like a total weirdo for even having asked.

The first time that the coach made me run a mile on the track with the team, I had never even touched the track before, much less ever had run before. Naturally I was the slowest one on the team and all I can remember was the loud sound of my inhales and exhales, the excruciating pain I felt in my chest and stomach from breathing, and trying so hard to run as fast as I could to keep up, but I couldn't. I finished the mile being the very last one, running along side the chubbiest girl on the team, and even SHE was faster, better, stronger than me. 

My point is, I learned what it felt like to exercise for the first time ever in my life. However, what I didn't know at the time was that I really had the potential to improve. But back then with my peon little high school brain I thought I was doomed to suck at athletics forever. 

Quitting the team took a huge blow to my public self-esteem, so I started privately working out with my mother's exercise DVDs at home. Every now and then I would wake up at 4am to do a workout before school, so that nobody not even my family could watch me workout. I had no idea what I was doing, I was just trying to do SOMETHING.

As my junior year in high school rolled around I started majorly crushing on one of the senior soccer player boys. Little does he know it, but he's the reason I started to frequent the high school track and pretend I was there running to condition myself for joining the soccer team or the track team, both of which he was apart of. In reality the only reason I went to run at the track was to see if he might be there so that I could somehow get him to notice me. Every time he was there I would run faster, longer, and with better form to try to look good for him. Even though I started running for the wrong reasons, it was this pretending that got me started running at the track on a regular basis and got me to actually enjoy the non-competitive approach to running.

By the time I reached college (at the Ohio State University) running had become something I did on a regular basis just for the fun of it. I got excited to explore new trails around campus, and to see how much farther I could run every time. Soon enough running five miles became second nature to me.  

I guess you could say running liberated me from my insecurities and opened up my eyes to what I could do. I was no longer doomed to fail as an athlete and I finally found something I could do with my body that nobody could criticize. 

A few years later, I moved to Utah and started attending BYU. I kept up my running and started going to a local yoga class where my first instructor Yara Wilde inspired me tremendously. I realized that there was so much more I could do and discover with my body in this judgement-free, non-competitive place called the yoga mat.  With a new perspective on my body's capacity, a year later I became a yoga instructor.

A year after deciding to make fitness a career I started my blog YogaEatRun, I quit a great job in social media marketing, I got my personal training certificate and now I'm doing what I love and helping other people tap into their own personal place of confidence and possibility.

After so many other obstacles and trials that have come my way (many other stories of mine to be told at another time and place) I'm amazed to see how far I've come. I've been featured by Nike Women (something that none of the mean girls on my basketball team can say, heehee) and I'm a product tester for one of my favorite brands, Lululemon Athletica. As the girl who was once huffing and puffing on the track that day, no one could've ever told me back then that opportunities like this would one day present themselves to me. Opportunities of which I am grateful for and humbled by.

I think a lot of people & family who knew me growing up are a little surprised to see that I've become a trainer, and a yoga instructor since they once knew me only as the introverted girl who never dared to touch a ball, join a team or do anything athletic or physical. But regardless of what they think, all I know is that I've gotta be myself and do what I'm passionate about, what makes me happy, what I love.

What once was a cumbersome obstacle (my body), and a source of insecurity, has now become my greatest strength and achievement. 

So, if you're still reading this and you've made it to the end of my story, I just want to say thank you, leave a comment and tell me you read it and what you thought, it would make my day.

I also want to say that even though I'm not the girl who has had a staggering weight loss success story, or even the girl who has gone from flabby to muscle queen, I hope that my story can still inspire you to realize that no matter where you're at in your fitness journey, there are no limits to what you can become or do. I am still progressing, still setting goals, still reaching for higher places to go in my journey and I hope that this is only just the beginning for me, and for you too. :-)



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