Hi, I'm Jenaé Frick and this is my blog. I'm a certified yoga instructor, and a certified NASM personal trainer. I'm also a new mommy! Welcome to my life! Click here to read more about me.









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My Journey Back To Fitness After C Section


I gave birth to my first baby on September 16th, 2014. Even though I planned on having a completely natural birth, my pregnancy journey ended up in a forced c-section.

After spending most of my pregnancy in a sedentary way, and eating whatever I wanted, I ended up 30lbs over weight after pregnancy weighing 156lbs which is far from the 126-130lbs I was pre-pregnancy. Being a personal trainer and a yoga instructor, this is NOT how I want to stay!

 Me pre-pregnancy. I weighed anywhere from 122 lbs - 130 lbs

Me at 156 lbs overwight with saggy skin and stretch marks. Trust me, these were the best of all the photos, it looks scarier in person!

I decided I'm going to document my journey back to my pre-pregnancy weight and I'm putting together this video series of how I'm getting my body back after baby! My goal is to gain back my strength, endurance, and overall fitness, while eventually shedding the pounds! I'm also still breastfeeding, so restricting my calories to lose fat will be tricky! I don't want to lose my breastmilk. 

I'm giving you access to my workouts which you can use to follow along with me by downloading the PDFs here! I will be giving weekly video upates and updating this page every week so you can download each week's workouts. If you're following my workouts leave me a comment!

Follow my journey by subscribing to my videos at www.youtube.com/user/JenaeFrick 

Week 1 - Blog Post Here

➽ DOWNLOAD WEEK 1 EXERCISE PROGRAM HERE: http://bit.ly/csecdownload1 


Week 2 - Blog Post Here

➽ DOWNLOAD WEEK 1 EXERCISE PROGRAM HERE: http://bit.ly/csecdownload1 



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