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I Joined BodyBuildingcom $250kChallenge!

Galax waiving hi when I snapped the photo. He thought we were face-timing, silly kid. He loves to waive at everyone all the time hehe. He's been my faithful little companion as I have done my workout routines and healthy eating this week! 

Hi guys! How has your first week of the New Year been? Don't feel like yours had to be perfect, most weeks never are! 

I had a strong start to a first week of the New Year and I'm pretty proud of my focus and determination this week. I have to admit though, as much as I stayed consistent and strong in my eating and workouts in the beginning of the week, by Wednesday night after dinner and all day Thursday I fell sick and had to take it easy after that. So I have been taking care of my body and listening to its needs and taking it easy with no workouts Thursday and today (Friday). 

One of my great accomplishments was running 3 miles on Monday! It was my first time in YEARS running 3 miles. To me that is SO crazy because I used to run up to 10 miles at a time. But since I had the baby I've only run up to 2 at a time. But I broke that threashold this week, and I even did it in only 31 minutes! yay!! I only run for 30 mins 3x per week so I don't think I'll go much above 3 miles for a while :)

Bodybuildingcom #250kChallenge

 Okay so I joined the Bodybuilding.com #250KChallenge! They are giving away $100k to ONE male and ONE female winner and I want to be the female winner!! So I'm giving it my best shot. And I took my before photos!!! AGH! But I couldn't get myself to share them on here out of sheer shame and embarassment so I've posted them on my bodyspace account where we are supposed to upload them in order to qualify to enter the contest, so if you're interested in seeing them you can view them here: http://bodyspace.bodybuilding.com/YogaEatRun/ Beware though, they are not pretty or sightly!!

By the way it's still not too late to join!!! The final registration ends Jan 10th!! Here's all the details on how to join: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/transformation-challenge.html 

I can't wait to see my former fit body emerge from what I am now. I can almost see her when I'm at the smith machine doing my squats. I can almost see my legs shaping up and my waist shrinking down to it's former size. This week I went from weighing 143lbs to 140lbs. I am sooooo close to the 130's again and I just can't wait!! I haven't been in the 130's since 2013!!!!

Nursing the babe

However one of the things I need to manage better is eating ENOUGH. Because this week I noticed that I didn't eat enough each night, and fell short of meeting my calorie goal for the day (my goal is somewhere around 1400-1600 cals). And keep in mind I'm still breastfeeding believe it or not! I mean it's not that my baby needs the milk for nourishment anymore, it's more of a comfort thing only, but he still nurses quite a lot. My milk supply was lower this week but since breastfeeding is not a priority any more now that he's already 1 1/2 years old, I don't mind if my milk supply diminishes, even though I love nursing. But considering I went all week without losing my milk even with a huge calorie deficit, I don't think it's going away anytime soon, even with all my dieting. BUT nonetheless, I still need to do better about eating at least 1400 - 1600 calories per day instead of 1200 or so that I am currently doing, which I think was partly the reason I got sick on Wednesday and Thursday this week.

I'm pretty excited for this new year all things considered. I feel like I'm coming back into my self this year and I feel like the lessons that the recent years have taught me have made me so much stronger and wiser. I feel like 2013 - 2015 were years of drastic change and growth for me that kind of threw me for a loop. Mostly due to having my first baby and some financial challenges we've faced as a family. Anyways I just want to say thanks again for sharing my journey. <3 I really do love and appreciate you guys. You guys keep me motivated and feeling a sense of community. So thanks!

How has your first week been? Have you joined any health contests or challenges? What are your new years resolutions?


Mantra - "I WAS BORN READY!"


So you guys might remember I started a mantra series last year. These mantras help me when things get tough and my mind is lost or numb. Instead of succuming to whatever it is, I use these mantras to anchor me a bit more in the moment. 


Today's mantra is: "I WAS BORN READY!"


You've got to say it with enthusiasm! And you can say it anytime, for any reason! You can even just say it in your mind. For example trying to get through a tough workout, just say "I WAS BORN READY FOR THIS! I CAN DO IT!" I like to add whatever else comes to mind in the moment, but the core mantra is "I was born ready!"

Boss asks you if you're ready for a meeting, just say I was born ready! (it makes you seem and feel more confident!)

Baby is throwing a tantrum? Just say "I was born ready for this, kid, do your worst!!!" 

Having a hard time waking up in the morning? Just say "I was born ready for this, come on Jenae, get up!"

Give it a try and let me know if it uplifts you :) 


I'm coming back


Hello everyone. It's so weird blogging when you haven't done it in a long time. It's like shyly stepping back into the light or like hearing your voice on a recording. It takes a little bit to get used to again. 

The reason I'm coming back is because of a comment left one month ago by "Anamika", which I just realized was there tonight. After I read it, it just got me at the core, and I knew I had to come back. Not just because of this comment, but because I've been reflecting a lot on my past self a lot lately. I feel like it's time for me to do something I used to love again. Here's the comment she left:

Anamika • a month ago

Jenaaaaaaé, come backkk. You've fallen off the face of the earth, it seems. I started reading your blog years ago - it was the first "healthy living" blog I'd ever came across and it's special for me like that (kinda creepy to hear, I bet). Now every once in a while I check back and you haven't posted. Hope you're doing well, not just with your body but in all avenues of your life. 
One sided friendships are kind of weird, but too common with bloggers... Anyways, whether you've left blogging completely or not, hope you're in a good place with things!

Anamika • a month agoJenaaaaaaé, come backkk. You've fallen off the face of the earth, it seems. I started reading your blog years ago - it was the first "healthy living" blog I'd ever came across and it's special for me like that (kinda creepy to hear, I bet). Now every once in a while I check back and you haven't posted. Hope you're doing well, not just with your body but in all avenues of your life. One sided friendships are kind of weird, but too common with bloggers... Anyways, whether you've left blogging completely or not, hope you're in a good place with things!

In the past year, I haven't abandoned fitness. I just chose to be fit privately, for a variety of reasons. Mostly those reasons have to do with the fact that I've delt with a lot of CHANGE in the past few years, change that I wasn't comfortable with, and to blog during all those times of change made me feel vulnerable and it just didn't feel right. Here's a recent pic of me below... I took this this past week.

 That white stuff on my eye is a glitch of my camera for some reason!

But now I feel ready again. I feel ready to share my heart. That heart will come in the form of things I find meaningful to me, where I'm at in my journey. It might be in recipes, pictures and videos, and mantras. :) Also I will share more of my baby boy on here because he is the center of my world. My goal is to simply share from the HEART. Throw my heart out there and see which kindred spirits pick it up and benefit from it. :) So if you're a kindred spirit, leave me a comment every now and again and let me know that you're there. :) 

That is all for tonight. I have a lot of blogs coming up though, because there's a lot I'm up to at the moment. More specifically, I've decided to join the BodyBuilding.com $250,000 Transformation Challenge. Check out the link :) I will share more on that tomorrow, including my embarassing before photos. That's the only part of the challenge I'm NOT excited about!!! But I will do it! And hopefully you will be there to help encourage me!! 

I love you guys. If you're reading my blog, thank you. Thank you for being a friend to me and taking part in my journey. Honestly from the bottom of my heart, it means a lot to me. <3 Good night! I'll see you tomorrow :) 


Half way through the year

Hi guys! 

The last time you heard from me, it was in January and I had set a new years resolution to lose my baby weight. Well six months later here I am. I haven't lost much weight at all, I've stayed pretty much in the same area (around 155), but I haven't been trying either. Truth is, I've spent the past six months studying to get my California mortgage loan originator license. It's been a long and painful process, since I still work from home as a social media specialist and take care of my baby, as well as maintain my houshold errands and stuff.

Working, studying AND having a baby is no joke. It's the hardest thing I've done yet. But I'm happy to report that I'm almost finished and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. By the end of this month (July) I should be done with all of my pre-licensing education, and ready to have my life back again!! YESS!!

My little sunshine. Isn't he cute?

In the mean time, I've lost hair, gained some grays and acquired a mean chocolate addiction. UGH. I've lost myself --- to having a baby, and now to studying. I'm ready to reclaim my life back again. Although I still have one more test to pass before my studying stresses are over, I feel ready right now to start eating healthy again and incorporating some exercise back into my life. I can't go FULL throttle yet, but I can at least start revving up my engine in terms of getting back into fitness. 

So here's my workout plan for the week: 

Monday - Run 1.5 miles

Tuesday - Core routine

Wednesday - Run 1.5 miles

Thursday - Core routine

Friday - Run 1.5 miles

Saturday - Yoga

This is all I can manage right now. As far as my meals go, I've been trying to clean up my diet as much as possible here and there. Here's a meal plan I followed last week: 

Dinner was random. I plan to incorporate more healthy foods into my diet this week and try to slowly push out the junk. I can't believe I've allowed myself to eat so much junk the past six months. I haven't been my usual self and I'm really tired of eating crap. I'm SO ready for this change right now, and especially ready to get my prebaby body back. 

I feel pretty lousy that things have been this way, but at the same time, I really couldn't have it any other way. To give myself due credit, I have been walking DAILY with my baby son, so I've at least kept that up. When I get focused on a goal, I get tunnel vision, and right now my goal has been to finish my prelicensing education. Everything else has been secondary or non-existant. Not to mention, when I've tried to workout as usual I've ended up completely exhausted and unable to do the things I need to do like take care of my baby, or stay up late studying. BUT, that's okay because I know what I want, and I know where I'm going, so I have absolutely no regrets about the fact that fitness has taken the back burner these past months.

Has there ever been a time in your life when you've truly been too busy to workout or too stressed to eat healthy? Am I just a wuss or what? Okay I admit you should never be too stressed to eat healthy, there's no excuse there. haha, leave a comment. Have a great week guys!

p.s. I'm excited to start blogging more again too :) I'll keep you updated on my progress here!

My 2015 New Year Resolution

 My Family At Midnight On New Years... We Were Sleepy!

Happy New Year!!!

I've been realizing the past couple of days that I only really have ONE sure New Year's Resolution this year, and that's to lose 35lbs and get rid of my baby weight. This is all I am focused on right now and I'm pretty happy with that ONE goal for now. Adding anything else to my list just feels overwhelming and burdensome. I'm leaving my method for reaching this goal completely open, in other words I am allowing myself to do any type of exercise I feel like, e.g. running, workout DVDs, weight lifting, circuit training etc..

I'm only asking myself to lose 1lb per week since this is the safe route for breastfeeding. And it's also a very attainable goal, since it doesn't put too much pressure on me to impose drastic measures on my already busy and crazy life. All in all I'm pretty happy with this goal and I'm excited to work towards it. 

What are your New Year's Resolutions?


Mantra #2

Today's #mantra. Repeat it until it becomes apart of you. This was inspired by @noellebenepe who said, "I've learned that fear limits you and your vision. It serves as blinders to what may be just a few steps down the road for you. The journey is valuable but believing in your talents, your abilities and your self-worth can empower you to walk an even brighter path."



Fear is not for me. I believe in my talents, my abilities and my strengths.